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Kids Chess Club offers a Scholastic Team Tournament between schools in the area as well as Open Tournaments. An Open Tournament is open to anyone grades K-9 and they compete for individual trophies. In the Team Tournament a team is up to five players that represent their school. Team Chess offers an opportunity for kids to work together and achieve recognition for their School. Although Chess is perceived as an individual sport, in Team Chess, all scores are combined for all team members for each round. Teams and alternates are determined by the Chess Coaches and students and are generally the top players at that school (ask your child if they were selected as team member). Alternates may play if slots are available. The winning team of this event will receive a Trophy for their School engraved with the team member’s names. Everyone who enters either tournament will receive a participation award and a snack. To Enroll into a Kids Chess Club Tournament,  please use the enrollment form below.   

The 2017 American Open Scholastic Chess Tournament will be held Nov 25 & 26 in Costa Mesa. Over 500 kids from all over the country will be there to compete in this USCF rated one or two-day event. Kids Chess Club is donating two scholarships to the winners of the K-6 & K-8 sections. Click this link  http://www.americanopen.org/scholastic  to register or to learn more about this heritage event.

 Queen of Katwe– A new Disney Chess Movie based on a true story how Chess changed the lives of children in a small village in Uganda. Watch the official trailer at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEsz6o50wrY available on Net Flix.


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