Welcome to the Kids Chess Club

Kids Chess Club is a non-profit enterprise that provides Chess Classes for Kids in after school programs located at many elementary and middle schools , Youth Centers, and other venues throughout San Diego County. .  This after school chess club for kids is fun and educational. Kids in the Chess Club participate in mental gymnastics, learn chess from trained instructors, and experience competition with others.  Kids in the chess club learn skills that they will carry into their old age, sharing what they have learned with others. Kids who learn chess will sharpen their analytical and observation skills which will be very useful in many aspects of their life.

The Kids Chess Club offers a safe, nurturing environment for kids to learn concepts of planning, strategy and evaluation. Our Instructors can explain these abstract concepts through the game of chess. Kids are excited to understand and amazed by the positive experience that chess offers. Our instructors know that Chess has strong educational value. It teaches critical & abstract thinking, planning, logic and analysis. It improves the ability to concentrate and teaches the value of good sportsmanship. Chess also teaches the importance of behavior management: making good choices and considering all possibilities.


Kids Chess Club in San Diego has joined forces with International Master Larry Evans of Mountain Lake Chess Camp, famed for his Chess Schools for kids in San Diego, San Francisco, Lake Arrowhead and Hong Kong; our combined teaching experience amounts to over 25 years in schools and other venues across San Diego County. Dubbed the “Evans Method” by the United States Chess Federation (and once featured on the Tonight Show), this uniquely interactive teaching style has transformed thousands of children and youth and produced national chess champions at every scholastic level.

After School Sessions are 8 weeks, meeting once per week for 1 hour and are open to all age groups  from grades K through 8. Each week students will win prizes for their active participation and attention. Kids Chess Club makes the game of chess easy to understand and fun for all ages.

The tuition fee is tax deductible  and kids will learn while participating in a fun mental game.  We are also accepting applications for a free chess club at your school. Please check this web site again in the future for more information on our non-profit activities.