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children-and-chess_posterOver the past five years many “Chess Schools” have entered into the marketplace offering after-schools programs and summer camps which claim to teach your child how to play chess. With this explosion of new companies coming into the marketplace it has become difficult for parents and school administrators to differentiate a quality program from a sham. It has been discovered that many of these companies just use a variety of gimmicks to entertain and distract the kids but do not actually teach them to be good at chess. How does a parent or school administrator know if a company can really teach a child or is just offering glorified baby-sitting while playing a game?

It is our goal, at Kids Chess Club, to teach children in grades K-12 abstract concepts of planning, analysis and strategy through the game of chess- not just to entertain kids with gimmicks and puzzles. All of our instructors have experience working with children of all ages, are experience rated chess players, and receive specific training on how to teach chess at all ability levels while making it fun and easy to learn. They will help your child achieve their goals from becoming a successful tournament player to just learning a new hobby or beating their dad. We can do this at little or no cost to the school and parents.

Below are some testimonials from some of our students, parents and school administrators to help you decide if our approach to teaching chess is right for your child or organization. Feel free to read the reviews or post your own testimonial.


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  • « Our son has been involved with Tom C. and Kids Chess Club for almost two years - having first joined in an after school program. We also enroll in summer programs and have been taking private lessons with Tom C. At age 7 our son has already competed in national and local tournaments because of Tom's excellent teaching and support. We have experienced other chess programs and coaches and none compare to Tom C in our opinion. Not only is our son learning chess and associated strategies, but he is learning life lessons such as planning, how to strategize, sportsmanship (including how to be a gracious winner and good loser), focus, determination, puzzles, problem solving, etc. Tom C is much more than just a chess coach; he is a mentor and life coach as well. He is an excellent role model for our young son and we have and will continue to recommend him to others. »
    -John G
  • « My son has been enrolled in the after school chess program for three years now. He is always enthusiastic about attending the classes and absolutely enjoys spending time with Coach Tom. It has been very inspiring to see him go from a beginner to a confident and competent player. Coach Tom makes learning fun and at the same time pushes the students to reach their full potential. He has a talent for identifying skills and personality traits of the children he works with and reaching them in a very personalized and caring way. My son loves his sense of humor and picks up on how much Tom likes what he does. I would highly recommend this chess program not just to parents who want to enrich their child's lives through learning a life long skill, (not to mention a game that truly exercises their brain) but also to schools looking to improve their after school opportunities. »
    -Liza C.
  • « What a great program. We feel so blessed that we found a school with such high standards of education.Then to learn of this fabulous Chess club what a bonus. Every Tuesday my son looks forward to seeing his coaches and learning the complexity of this game . Coach Tom is the most kind and generous man to give his time to our children. I come early to pick up my son just so I can see the kids faces drinking up the knowledge that is offered to them. I am so proud of our son and all he has accomplished in the 2 years in this program. We as parents are trilled that we can be apart of this club for 2 more years. With warm thanks, Heidi »
    -Heidi D.
  • « My son has been in Kids Chess Club for every session for the past 3 years. Every Tuesday he is so excited to go to Chess because the energy is so upbeat and positive! Coach Tom has made it fun to learn chess and you can tell by the enthusiasm the kids have during class. Not only is the energy amazing but the kids are really learning and the class has quadrupled in size since we have joined. Coach Tom teaches values and teaches the kids that when you lose you do learn a lot and get better. The kids love Coach Tom his teaching style and have a huge respect for him. My son also likes to participate in chess tournaments throughout California and has won 2 National Titles. Coach Tom has been his coach being there at every tournament supporting my son. I am very happy with Kids Chess Club and highly recommend it to any school who wants to consider getting a new chess program. »
    -Jennifer C.

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